Make a Difference

Gifts That Benefit Animals in Need.

Much of my passion and time is devoted to Esther the Wonder Pig's farm animal rescue and advocacy page, Esther's Army.  "Kindness is Magic" is a powerful mantra we can all get behind and the most effective approach to opening hearts and minds to positive change. 

I am just as passionate about the plight of feral cats, and to that end, I continue to help Elsa's Pride, a feral cat colony in Ohio, once cared for by my late, tender hearted friend, Tim Szabo. His brother, Donny, carries on his merciful work with the colony Tim so dearly loved.

A portion of every sale will be donated to further the interests of these animals in desperate need through Esther the Wonder Pig and Elsa's Pride. 

Only Connect.

This sweet little adventure was born out of my love for and connection to my beloved dolphin friends. It is my dearest hope that by sharing their stories, images and needs that I can in some small way make a positive difference in their lives right now and in the days to come. 

From the time I have spent with them, I sense their incredible sensitivity and empathy towards other species, including our own. I have no doubt my pod family would be pleased to see other species benefit from their overwhelming popularity. 

Make a Difference.

Thank you for your support. Your purchase will make a difference in the lives of those in need.